Welcome to Laundry Consulting – a division of Water Energy Corporation. Turn-key services for the commercial laundry industry including Green Laundry solutions.

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What is Ozone Laundry and how is it different than conventional laundry?

Cutting edge technology originally developed for NASA is now available to you.

Why should I choose the Water Energy Green Laundry Solution?

Achieve superior results, help save the environment AND save a ton of money – learn how.

Water Energy Green Laundry Systems

Learn about the Water Energy Green Laundry System and see it in action at the Gaia Shasta Hotel in two new videos from Laundry Consulting!

New Website Unveiled

Welcome to the new Water Energy Laundry Consulting website! We hope you will find the information contained in this website helpful and educational. If you have any questions about our services or comments on our new website, please let us know!